Ducktails Pediatric Therapy

Ducktails Pediatric Therapy was awarded the 2010 Columbia County Community Pride Design award. It is a 4,950-square-foot building located on Blue Ridge Drive in Evans, Georgia. Ducktails is a clinic centered on pediatric patient/therapist relationships. The unique angles of the building were generated from site boundaries and rise to create three single-slope roof lines. These roof lines produce different volumes of space within the building, of which all are functional. The high ceilings become therapy gyms; the entrance and the low ceilings become offices and private therapy rooms. This design allows all space, as it relates to plan and volume, to become usable.

The use of neutral colors and textures on the exterior of the building allows the unique form to mesh with the neighboring building. Large storefront glass windows around the building allow natural light to fill the entrance lobby and therapy gyms, letting patients enjoy the outdoors while they wait to be seen, thus improving their well-being. The front entrance is adorned with a cantilevered awning, which follows the single-sloped lines of the building.

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